How can I connect this 2,8" TFT Display from BuyDisplay with the Arduino Due

As the title says, how can I connect this 2,8" TFT display (ILI9341 based) to an arduino DUE
The display is already configured in SPI mode (4 wire)
The problem is the names on the TFT connector are different then the already know MOSI-MISO-SCK used for hardware SPI communication on the arduino

Attached is the datasheet

ER-TFTM028-4_Datasheet.pdf (2.19 MB)

Your Arduino is the Master, the display is the Slave.

MOSI means Master Out Slave In,
MISO means Master In Slave Out.

Your display has these pins for this:

32: SDO Serial Data Out (meaning MISO)
33: SCL Serial CLock
34: SDI Serial Data In (meaning MOSI)

This is the most likely way to connect it.
Did you see in that datasheet that you need to set it up to use SPI, as it is usually shipped set to use the parallel interface ?

Thanks for your suggestions but actually the correct pins for the connections are as below:

Due —> 2,8" TFT(From BuyDisplay)

Mosi —> pin 27 (LCD_SDI)
Miso —> pin 28 (LCD_SDO)
Sck -----> pin 24 (D/C_SCL)

10 ------> pin 23 (LCD_CS)
8--------> pin 25 (/WR_D/C)
7 -------> pin 21 (RESET)

The library is from adafruit

The sketch that I used is the attached file and it uses hardware SPI.
The display arrived pre-configured to use 4 wire SPI (this was done when ordering)

gtestdue.ino (9.08 KB)

Now that the display works, does anyone know how to get the touchscreen and the on-board SD_Card to work ?
Are there any libraries that can be used for the touch screen and the SD card ?

Any pointers ?

If pins 31, 32 and 33 aren't meant for the display, they are most likely meant for the SD card (as their names don't mention any function, i assumed they were for the display, which is the main function of that device).

IDE has examples available in file - examples - SD.

I can't tell you anything about the touch part.

Do you have success in full working using this LCD?
Touch and display?
I would like to use it on arduino UNO.
Thank you.

Hi, did you manage to do anything? I have not been able to make it work.

For making SD card on TFT shield work for arduino due, please refer to my post using sd card on 3.5" TFT LCD shield with due - Arduino Due - Arduino Forum