How can i control a shift register(74HC595) with Max (Maxuino)?

Hello, I want to control a shift register with Max/MSP. I have searched almost all the Internet but have found nothing useful. The only thing that comes close is this: I do not know well what should I do with.... (I'm not so long busy with Max / MSP and arduino's)

I use - Arduino rev3 - 74HC595 shift register - Maxuino 014 (or Simple Message System but that is not what I prefer) - Max 5.1

My questionis: does anyone know how I can control, with the above, a 74HC595 shift register in Max? Maybe a example patch or tutorial? I like a way that I can expand the max patch to multiple shift registers (

Thank you!

Why the hell did you lock this topic after asking a question? Don't you want an answer?


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did i? I'm sorry... :~ thanks for noticing!

If anyone can help me, please let me know!

I have no idea what maxuino is :astonished: but has a nice tutorial on arduino and the 595. look there..

hello, Thanks for your answer but that's not quite what I'm looking for;) Maxuino is a way to control your arduino through max (PC). I whant Max to controll the 959 chip. Now i am looking for a way to do that.

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