How can I Define MIDI CC on multiplex

Im pretty new to arduino and im building a MIDI controller. I can get all my potentiometers that are connected to the multiplex to work on one midi channel but was wondering if i could define them individually. ive used parts of other sketches in this but added my own to it

here is my sketch :

#include <MIDI.h>


int r0 = 0;
int r1 = 0; // the three digital pins for the bits
int r2 = 0;

int value = 0; //value to read from multiplex
int midiValue = 0; // value devided to 0-127
int channel = 1; // The message channel number
int controllerNumber = 1; // The message controller number
int bin [] = {000, 1, 10, 11, 100, 101, 110, 111};//list of binary values

void setup(){

pinMode(2, OUTPUT); // r0
pinMode(3, OUTPUT); // r1
pinMode(4, OUTPUT); // r2

Serial.begin(115200); // fire up the serial

void loop () {

for (int count=0; count < 7; count++) { //loop through each channel, checking for a signal

int row = bin[count];

r0 = bitRead(row,0); //bitRead() -> parameter 1 = binary sequence, parameter 2 = which bit to read, starting from the right most bit
r1 = bitRead(row,1); //channel 7 = 111, 1 = 2nd bit
r2 = bitRead(row,2); // third bit

digitalWrite(2, r0); // send the bits to the digital pins
digitalWrite(3, r1);
digitalWrite(4, r2);

value = (analogRead(9)); // read the input pin
midiValue = map (value,0,1023,0,127);

// Serial.println(analogRead(9)); // after sending the binary sequence, the mux determines which channel to read from and sends it to this analog input

MIDI.sendControlChange(controllerNumber, midiValue, channel); // Send controller to the Hairless MIDI port



if i could define them individually

Do you mean each pot on a different channel?
Sure just set the channel number when you send the data. Using the variable count+1 should do it.

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