How can I delete an account?

Hi everybody,

somehow I have tomatoes on my eyes. I can not find how to delete an account.
me user StefanL38 used this account stefanl38test to test how posting works for a new user.

I have finished the tests and the account can be deleted.
I tried to follow the description given here

which goes on

But I'm even unable to find this

Is this manual simply outdated and is no longer valid since the change to the new forum-software discord?

@moderators: please do not just delete this account. I want to know how I could do it myself.

I'm not planning to create and delete accounts just for fun. I don't have a reason to do so but in case a reason comes up somewhere in the future I would like to be able to delete it myself.

Right now I have the impression there is no manual or option for deletion.
But maybe I just have tomatoes on my eyes.
So if you can post a link to a discription that shows how it works please do so.

best regards Stefan

The Arduino website is kind of confusing in that it is actually multiple websites that are somewhat interlinked, but also somewhat separate.

The account is somewhat different from the account. That tutorial is referring to the account page, not the account page. Go here:

It is your Arduino profile that allows you to delete your account rather than your forum profile

Are you looking in the right place ?

Just needed a place to post a picture online

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