How can i display 2 sprites at the same time on a 8×8 LED Matrix MAX7219?

I recently started working on a project, i plan to make a clock on a 8×8 matrix screen. but i encountered a problem, i don’t know how to display for example 2 sprites at the same time?
I attached my sketch bellow for you to take a closer look.

PS: I’m a starter at arduino

early-build-8by8-clock.ino.ino (984 Bytes)

At the same time on the same 8x8 display ?
Do you want to overlay them or display one for say 200ms then the other one for the same period alternately ?
Or maybe one should scroll maybe right and gradually be replaced by the next in an infinite cycle.

Or how should these 2 sprites appear ?

Did we mention reading the instructions for posting, specifically point No. 7? :grinning: