how can i extract information from lcd ?

hi every one i have big problem how can i extract information from an electrical counter and send information to the pc
its possible to extract information from lcd or there is an other proposition please i need help!!!

Nice pictures, but what kind of "counter" is that? Is it a frequency counter or an event counter that counts up from zero, or something else?

Not easy...

You may be able to "capture" the data going to the LCD, but you'd have to understand the protocol. If there's a manufacturer's part number on the LCD, you might be able to find the datasheet and figure that out.

If you are simply counting events (or hours, or something "easy") it would be easier to build another counter that interfaces with the computer.

Or, replace that device with something similar that has a computer interface built-in.

its sagem cx 1000 i need to extract information from this counter like power current voltage any idea please the lcd i dont have data sheat

Can you find the communication port?

ther is not a communication port in this model

Well, as DVDdoug has said, decoding the LCD will be difficult without knowing what it is. The bottom of the line cx1000 power meter I found does have pulse output. Does yours?