How can i fix this headers? Like i sad how can i fix this headers?

I'm sorry you're sad, but without details, it's impossible to help.

Pls check out the link.

If it was like that when you bought it, send it back, get a refund/replacement. Otherwise, I think the only fix is to desolder every pin on each header so that they can be removed. Then reinstall the headers - carefully.


It looks like it has been bent in transit. Simply gently push them back into line.


I had a very similar issue recently (manufacturing fault: not due to being bent in transit).

For each header apply some moderate sideways force to the header. Then, while continuing to apply the force, use a soldering iron to melt each PCB solder joint in turn starting from one end. Melt the joints as quickly as possible. The header will move only a few degrees so you will need to repeat the process until the header is perpendicular to the PCB.

In order to apply the force without needing three hands, I suggest you clamp a small block of wood in a vice. Then hold the PCB in one hand so the side of the header is pressing against the block.

A soldering iron with a fine point tip may not be suitable for this as you need quick conduction of heat; better to use a soldering iron with a chisel tip.

It may be advisable to allow the PCB and the plastic of the header to cool down for several seconds before repeating the process.

That looks to me like it was just bent in transit. Female pin header can bend at that point much more readily than male pin header can.

If it can't be just bent back into position by hand, you can usually get pin header fixed by applying gentle pressure to one end while melting the solder on the pins for that end (holding iron so it is touching as many pins as possible - extra solder here helps, it can be removed later with soldersucker if needed), and then do the middle (if needed) and other end in the same way.