How can I free 1MB space in my Arduino Yun

I am trying to follow the procedure to expand the Arduino available memory. I've downloaded the sketch to do so but when I started the process I received the following message:
You don't have enough disk space to install the utility software. You need to free at least 1MB of Flash memory
So I need to know what can I safely delete to free this amount of space.

Thank you!

Odds are, to get to this point, you have used opkg to install a variety of packages. Use opkg to uninstall some of those packages. Then, after you've expanded the disk space, install them again.

As an alternative, if you copied any large data/image/web files to your Yun, or created large data files, you can try deleting those.

We don't know what you've installed, so we can't tell you specifically what to uninstall or delete.