How can I Get a sound when LED Drop last timing

sample youtube link : FastLED Water Torture Animation Demo - YouTube
code & libraries link (GitHub - dougalcampbell/water_torture_fled: A port of Danny Havenith's water torture animation to FastLED)

I found this interesting video

I want modify this code that it sounds when the LED drops (bottom hit)

Tried to modify the library but it did not produce good results.

How can I make a sound when LED drops fall on the bottom without modifying libraries?
or any good solution?

I have mp3 module : DF Mini Player

water_torture_fled.ino Is not a library it is an Arduino program.
Change the loop function and add your calls to your D.C. player module.

void loop() {
// call the drop noise here
// call another drop noise here

I must say that this is one stupidly large amount of code to do something as trivial as this.