How can i get arduino board in Iraq?

Hi does anyone know how to get arduino in iraq ?

Have a look round on google, surely there must be some amazon retailers able to post to Iraq?

nothing in google

Are you able to buy parts and make your own?


It appears that Seeedstudio ships to Iraq (at least they have it in their order Destination country list). Same price as the Arduino store. You can try it:

Dear, You can get it from Amazon or eBay, normally they don't ship directly to Iraq, you have to use a forwarder, or you may try, most of their sellers ship to Iraq, some of them do free shipping, if you need more help, I'm ready for, also I'd to be in contact with you since I'm also interested in microcontrollers, Ali Iraq

Hi I can provide Arduino in Iraq.

me too,I can provide Arduino in Iraq.thanks

thanks guys but i have 7 Arduino and 3 ethernet sheild and more electronic equipment by now!

Hi dear All I'd like to invite you to visit our page in Facebook arduinoiraq and share with us your projects.

thanks for all

hi, guys I know where can you get arduino board in Iraq, Baghdad, Door-east (bab-alsharji) Her visit site