how can i implement incomming https 443 port in l mkr1000

I success send data using WiFiSSLClient, and try to receive data(incomming) from the secued(ssl) server using https 443 port.
so, received data from the server, but can't decoding data.
how can solve this problem.

partly source code following

WiFiServer server(443);

WiFiClient Sclient = server.available(); //if using WifiSSLClient, occurs compile error.

if (Sclient) {
Serial.println("타발로부터 데이터수신");
if (Sclient.available()){
char c =;
srD += c;

I'm searching too a way to allow Arduino to accept HTTPS incoming calls.

The aim should be to reach arduino webserver running below a router with port forwarding that can be reached only with external HTTPS calls from client behind proxys.

Is there a way al least to created an httpS server or an HTTP server that can manage HTTPS calls ?