How can I include Servo lib in to my OWN CLASS lib

I try to include Servo.h in my OWN lib class


#include "Servo.h"

it not work.

So I tried


#ifndef Servo_H
#define Servo_H

Servo myservo;


and also got error.

error: expected ';' before 'myservo'
   Servo myservo;

How can I include that Servo lib ?


kanin03: How can I include that Servo lib ?


I'm NOT try to install libs

I tried to include Servo lib to my OWN CLASS LIB.

If you don't install it, you can't use it.

Where can I download the Servo lib?

it auto import by Arduino ide right ?

I also tried.


#include "/Applications/"

got an error

fatal error: /Applications/ No such file or directory