How can I make a Blink twinkle like a star?

Apologies. This is a repost with a better subject.

Looking for guidance for the best way to make a BlinkM “twinkle” like a star. ANY help at all would be greatly appreciated.


Well let’s look at what a star does when it twinkles. Basically thermal cells in the atmosphere (about 2KM across) refract the light from the star causing it to appear to be in a slightly different place in the sky. As the star is a point source this movement looks to be outside the visible disc. So in effect the star “dances” around a nominal point in the sky in a random none periodic way.

So to simulate this exactly is tricky because the LED is not a point source and in general you can’t move it. So I would guess you would be reduced to having it on most of the time and to have it blink off at random intervals. I think the trick might be getting the random range sorted both for time between blinks and off time during the blink.

Why are you posting your question twice. This is the third time this week someone has done it, I have never seen it before. It is extremely annoying and not very polite. >:(

Mike, the repost is mostly my fault. I suggested in the other thread that Jim might get more help if he used a more informative subject. Apologies for causing any distress.

Jim, it might be useful to search for sample code that makes the BlinkM flicker like a candle (this seems to be a common goal). Depending on how realistic you need your star simulation to be, simply changing someone’s candle simulation code from using warm, yellow colors to a cool, blue-ish white ones might suffice.

You’ll probably want to find a white that looks acceptable, then vary its brightness a bit at random intervals.