How can I manage to turn servo motor 180 degree in a scheduled time?

I am a student and new to this servo motor for the arduino, and I am not very familiar with the codes I need to use for it to turn for a time schedule. For example is I want to turn the servo motor at 1:00 pm. Thank you in advance for answering my post.

Unless you want to guess at the time, you will require a real-time-clock breakout board to add to your Arduino project.

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@adsign12345, your topic has been moved to a more suitable location on the forum. Introductory Tutorials is for tutorials that e.g. you write, not for questions. Feel free to write a tutorial once you have mastered your project :wink:

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Thank you for the response :smiley:, ill search for a real-time-clock breakout board.

Thank you :blush:

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