How can i read a file (file size more than 1 MB ) from PC and send to server

I want to read a file serially from PC and send to server . for this i use 'WifiTelnetToSerial' example program . But the problem is maximum transferred file size is 26KB . I want to send more than 1MB file to server.What should i do for this? .(for this project i used ESP-WROOM32 WIFI module.)

Why are you bothering to use an ESP32 as the middle-man for such a large file?

Can't the PC just send it directly?

If that makes no sense then you need to provide a lot more details about your project.

It may also be more useful to ask your question on the ESP8266 Forum. It does not sound like an Arduino problem.


sir, actually communication is like Microcontroller <=> esp32 <=> server

for testing purpose i replace PC instead of Microcontroller .

So i just want to sent a file to the esp32 through UART and that file should send to server also(file size should be more than 1MB).

Programing i used the Arduino code that is the reason i asked in Arduino forum.

sir, actually communication is like Microcontroller <=> esp32 <=> server

That is very different from what your Title says.

What is the microcontroller?
Where does the file come from that needs to be sent to the server?

Assuming it is an Arduino microcontroller then please post the Arduino program.

It is much easier to help when you tell us what you are actually trying to do - and tell all about the project so we have the full picture.

And if the problem is with the WiFi program on the ESP then I still think you should be asking on a Forum that is primarily about ESP devices


sir, thanks for your replay and i find out the solution for file transfer .