How can I read differential output from accelerometer with arduino

Hello, I am currently working for my research study and I have some difficulties in reading differential output from accelerometer Model 3741B122G ( with arduino Mega2560. My questions are as follow;

  1. Differential output
    According to some websites, I should connect each output to analog input pin and calculate the difference. But, signal I got is floating. Is it related to No.2? I think there should be something I still don’t understand or miss.

  2. Output range
    The accelerometer has output range -2 to +2 g, sensitivity 1000mV/g. So, voltage output should be around -2 to +2 V. While arduino analog pin can read only 0 - 5V, I have to convert the sensor output into 0-5V range with summing op-amp and Voffset first, right?

Your suggestion will be really appreciated as I am a beginner for both electronics and Arduino. I am maybe looking in the wrong direction so any suggested source for further study is also welcome. Thank you.



I've already got the solution. Sorry!

Can you post it so people can learn it in the future?

Thank you