How can I regulate my motor with the outputs PWM

Hello good, I have the LG132M motor, at maximum power it consumes 8 volts and 2000mA, I need some component that allows me to control the maximum to minimum motor power using PWN outputs, I have used transistors but they overheat. Anyone know how I can regulate their potency?

The engine is from my toy drone, the engine is not brushless.

I have used transistors but they overheat.

You are probably using the wrong transistors, but you have not told us what they are so that's only a guess.

Please make a simple pencil drawing showing how everything is connected and post a photo of the drawing.

And post your program.



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If you only need the motor to move in one direction then a transistor is the right answer. But the transistor type that you need is a logic-level MOSFET. If that's not what you're using now then change to one of those.


I’d take a look here: