How can i send data to led banner?

Hi! its my second question.

i have a led banner. i send data to it with vb6 or python its working.

my python code:

-- coding: utf-8--

import serial, time
ser = serial.Serial(‘COM1’,19200)
ser.parity = ‘N’
ser.bytesize = 8
ser.stopbits = 1
ser.timeout = 1
beklemesuresi = 0.2

#yazmaya başla
message = raw_input("Mesaj girin: ")
databasla = [255,254,0,100,200,95,1,1,200,43,10,1]
print “Datalar gonderiliyor”
for x in databasla:
#yazmaya başla

for ch in message:
mesaj = chr(ord(ch),)
#yazmayı bitir
databitir = [200,253]
for x in databitir:
#yazmayı bitir

Hata oluşursa

except IOError:
print “Hata olustu”

my arduino code:
int data = {255, 254, 0, 100, 200, 95, 1, 1, 200, 43, 10, 1, 77, 117, 115, 108, 117, 32, 89, 252, 107, 115, 101, 107, 116, 101, 112, 101, 200, 253};

void setup(){Serial.begin(19200);}

void loop()
for (int i = 0; i < 30; i++){

  • delay(30);*
  • }*
  • Serial.end();*
    How can i send data with arduino like python?
    Do i have use max232 or other chip? :roll_eyes:

Sorry you will have to speak up. Could you try using a larger type face.

i dont understand!

musluyuksektepe there's no point asking the same question on another forum, we've given you examples of code that should work but you seem to constantly ignore requests for information.

We still need the info about the display, otherwise there's little point continuing.


i use 18f452 series microchip on display. its working 19200 and send data with 19200 but i think maybe its not same.

i dont understand!

The use of large type face is considered very rude.

i use 18f452 series microchip on display.

It matters not what the controlling micro is, without information on what the display actually is then no one can help you.