How can I send data via BLE in rapid succession?

Hi everyone, I'm currently working on a project that requires a TinyML model (Often depicted as a byte array) to a central device. However, the data transmission must be done with minimal delay. I've worked with BLE on iOS, and there exists a method called peripheralManagerIsReady(toUpdateSubscribers:) which notifies the peripheral that the PeripheralManager is ready for a characteristic update. This method allows data to be sent in rapid succession when the PeripheralManager is ready.

I would like to do the same and am unsure if directly updating a characteristic in the loop() method will work or not. If not is there is an API/Method I can use to transfer data in rapid succession? I've seen the setEventHandler, but I'm not sure if it's relevant either. Thank you in advance.

Sounds like you would like to maximize data throughput through the GATT protocol, which after some pain on my end, I would not recommend dependent on your data-rate needs. Configuring the NRF52840 Radio directly may be more helpful for your needs.

How much data (in bits-per-second) would you like to transmit?

In the meantime if my response lags, I would look into these two forum posts I made recently.