How can I send the data from arduino to my android studio application

Hello everyone, I am trying to design a smart farm process, I am utilizing 5 sensors, and I send the datas from these sensors to my arduino UNO board. Moreover, I am using CC3000 arduino shield, in order to send the datas from my arduino to my android stuido application wirelessly. However, I couldn't manage the problem that is how can I show my temperature sensor value in front of the my temperature sensor text, i.e; Temperature = 20 C, I am confusing to match datas from my arduino to show them in exact place of my android studio application. And after that I will put it to my php.server to show it on my android device as an application. Thank you very much for your interests and advices from now.

If you share your advices I will appreciate with you

Guys dont you have any idea ?