How can I start this problem(wifi)

Hi, I'd like you to forgive me if my English is unnatural before I start.

Now I'm following a target project that includes wifi101.h.
(Link:Home · IoTKETI/nCube-Thyme-Arduino Wiki · GitHub (Korean)

First of all, the hardware I use is Arduino Mega and Wi-Fi esp8266.

What I wonder here is, 'Does the hardware exist separately when using the wifi101.h library?'
I think I can not use the esp8266 module and wifi101.h together because of compatibility. Or do I need to work on linking the library ESP8266WiFi.h with wifi101.h?
Or is it something I'm wrong about from the start?

I'm sorry if it's too simple to ask.
My mother tongue is not English, but when I search for related information in my mother tongue, the information does not come out well, so I wrote a question in the forum.

If you have poor information on my questions, please comment.
I'll answer that right away.

Have a nice day, someone who's desperate.