How can I submit a new library to the Arduino website

Hello, My name is Joel Koenka, I'm doing my PhD in the University of Basel, and in it I'm dealing a lot with Arduinos. In our group, we build from scratch analytical chemistry instruments. group page:

Intrudoction to the question (for the actual question, see below)

One thing we were missing though, was a way to control our experiments in a comfortable way. For that end, I've developed a GUI platform (in Python) that allows us to easily create custom GUI programs for each of our experimental settings. It's called Instrumentino (as in Instruments + Arduino) and it has already been used for many projects in our group. I think others can benefit a lot from using this package, especially fellow scientists but not only.

The way it works is that you write a system description file (, with a list of hardware units you have (e.g. a pressure regulator and valves) and a list of meaningful actions you'd like them to do (e.g. set the pressure and direct it to different places using the valves). One of the great things about Instrumentino, is that it allows to simultaneously control more than one hardware controller, and is actually not limited for Arduinos. It was written in a more general way, to incorporate control on other microcontrollers. This is useful when you want to control more complicated pieces of equipment that already come with a proprietary controller and an API. This API can be integrated into Instrumentino and thus enable simultaneous control on these hardware units as well.

Then you run the python file and you get a custom GUI program, specific for your system. There are two programs involved: 1. Instrumentino, written in Python, which gives the GUI infrastructure 2. controlino.cpp. This is a simple slave program that runs on the Arduino, and waits for commands from the PC (which can either send its commands using Instrumentino, or simply by typing them into a serial console like TERATERM)

Relevant links: - Release article - Package in PyPi - Code in GitHub

Pfeeewww, this was a long intro. My question is, what do I have to do to add my programs to the official Arduino website? They are both released under GPLv3, and the code is already in GitHub.

Thanks a lot in advance, Joel

You can add a page to the Playground section: You might start by adding your website with Arduino code to the index of the playground, perhaps a page in the Playground section is not needed. The index can contain links to websites, to the Arduino forum or to a page in the Playground section.

You can not change or add to the reference or official libraries.

Thanks a lot! I'll do that then.

Cheers, Joel