How can I succeed position tracking ?

Hi. I want to make my graduation project related to position tracking. I want to use an object's x-y-z coordinates.

I encountered some ways to do it.

  • IMU uses an object's position and orientation using accelerometer and gyroscope values. However, many of the people I asked said that obtaining position values without error is very very hard in IMU.

Therefore,I am searching for an easily-handled method, I don't know which one
I had a chance to look some other methods superficially .

They used camera and IR Led as in the nexonar company, or they merge IMU values with some other thing or they do trilateration ... Which one to choose. Which one is easier? What do you suggest?


Tracking for what? What is your project, what are you tracking, what is its environment, how big is the thing you're tracking?......etc, etc, etc.

I am not sure exactly but let's say tracking a tip of a pen. So that we will see how the tip of the pen moves in 3D so that we will see 3D writings.
nexonar 3D Pen - First Steps - YouTube .
It may be dependent on environment.It is okay.

I actually asked the company in the video and got some information like they use camera.I am searching for more.

Don't forget required accuracy.

Indeed based on accelerometer and gyro data it's basically dead reckoning what you're doing. Errors add up all the time, so the longer you do this without reference, the further and further off you're getting.

I am not sure exactly but let's say tracking a tip of a pen.

First, decide what you want to track, and where (outdoors, indoors, on a table, etc.) you want to track it.

Then, forum members can make helpful suggestions.

Hi again. I want to make this smartpen project that will detect what you write and it could be on the table. As far as I understand, we cannot use only IMU and we need a reference to correct it's position. It feels like it requires some programming talent. So it would be better for me to do this by cameras and IR waves
What do you suggest me? I had a look some articles but it led me to nowhere.

Nothing here is Arduino related.
You are better off trying to ask for help on a smartboard forum or even a wii forum.

Start looking at how the commercial VR equipment does this. I've used a 3D "pen" or sculpture program with goggles and handpieces (bigger than a pen) and it was quite fun.

I suspect that you need some rather good cameras, good image processing and good "cooperation" from the object being tracked. Particularly if you want to track it on a desktop - then your cameras are blocked by both the desk and the person so only a few cameras in the array can see the pen.

It's not impossible. I've seen equipment from the 90s which could do this to a reasonable level of accuracy.