How can I tap into an existing remote controlled LED strip

I purchased a remote controlled LED strip with the intention of using them in my car. Upon planning out the wiring I would need to do to set them up I would like to minimize how much I take my car apart. I thought maybe I could use my Arduino to "tap" into the existing IR remote that connects to the original control module. I am fairly new to Arduino so any help is appreciated

Please post a picture or wiring/pinout diagram of what you can see.

Picture posting and other goodies at How to use this forum.

I don't have the materials currently, but they may not be relevant anymore. If it is possible to use the included remote (hopefully pictured) then I could just use the remote with my own IR sensor

If what you want is for the Arduino to control the LED strip by receiving signals from the IR remote, you can use your Arduino IR sensor to read the codes when you press each button so that you know what button is being pressed when you receive that code. Once you know all the codes, you can have a bunch of 'if' loops in your code to determine which code was received when something is received, and then you can carry out the respective code to control the LED strip. See the IRRemote library:

Thank you for your help. Thats what I'm going to do