How can I tell Arduino which software is open on my PC?

I'm working on a project to interact with media players using a Sharp IR sensor. I get the distance between the sensor and my hand and depending on that different actions will happen. I started with video files but now I'd like to extend this type of interaction to pdf files.

At the moment I can interact with videos in VLC using one sketch, and I have a different sketch to work with pdf files in Adobe. I do this because the interaction is not exactly the same with videos and documents, but the ideal case would be to automatically change the interaction depending on what type of file/software I have opened in my laptop.

Is there any way to send this information to the Arduino board?

From what I read I can send byte values through, but I have no idea of how to send that type of information (what software is active in the laptop) or if it is even possible.


PS: sorry if I'm asking something stupid, I'm fairly new on this

PC to arduino can be handled by various PC software programming applications such Python,Matlab,Visual Studio,Processing and many more it's mostly a case of what your preference is.

What most people tend to overlook is the fact that if they have MS Office installed they usually have a copy of Visual Basic for Applications also, this is all the more relevant when you have a copy of PLX-DAQ version2 PLX-DAQ version 2 - now with 64 bit support! (and further new features) - Interfacing w/ Software on the Computer - Arduino Forum which conveniently has an inbuilt serial interface.

VBA has millions of code samples on the net I even found one that lists all running tasks, so if you have MS Office and PLX-DAQ it should not be too hard to create any kind of simple app to communicate with your arduino.

Unfortunately I do not have MS Office installed, but I will take a look into all the other options. At least now I know where to look, I was a little bit lost on this haha

Thanks for the help! ^^

My preference would be Visual Studio, it's a free download. C# is very similar to programming the arduino and probably the best choice if you intend to do more in the can pretty much do the same C# can do and I would say it is quicker to learn, probably the choice for a one off app.