How can I test my DHT11 if its burnt or not

Hi All, recently I want to try my hand on NodeMCUs and its sensors. First I test my board with a simple webserver (connect wireless and shows ip) and it worked (loaded board library and codes) on serial port. Then as a simple (looking) project I tried this project . But because of wrong diagram (I am not 100% sure but its wrong I guess), I connected data to 3.3v and VCC to digital output4. First I could get NANs but later after reading some forums I decided to change 3.3v to 5v on board. And noticed the wiring problem. Now my code is from here and serial port gives "failed to read from dht sensor". I do not know what happened to sensor or board. I checked board with simple blink test and it still works. Any help to determine whats the problem with my sensor or code?

I am having a hard time determining how you connected the board. Checking the code from hear and there does not seem to match your schematic (oops, my mistook, you forgot to include one, not a frizzy thing). Maybe your code is fine but I cannot see it. More info is needed.

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Do you have another Arduino controller you can try the library example code out on, to check the DHT11?

Or write some simple code to check the DTH11 on your NodeMCU?

Basically you need to run some simple code uncomplicated code to check your DHT11.

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