How can I Turn on and off an LED through arduino Using voice control


This is the First thing in a series of new programming skills that I want to learn over the summer. Nothing big but I mainly just want to learn how to program using my voice and I've done some research and I do not want to use a phone app to do it.

What do I need to buy? Other than an arduino, LED's, A breadboard, and Wires.

Also is there any sample codes online I can use as a guide? Programs I need to download? Maybe even on instructables?

Search this site for "arduino speech recognition". There seem to be a couple of shields (modules) and a Windows software package that people use for this.

What do I need to buy?

A voice recognition shield, these consists of another processor that actually does the recognition. An Arduino is not very suitable unless you use a Due or a Yun.

Even then the results are poor.