How can I turn on Leds depending of the frequency with FFT library?

I was thinking of separating low, mid and high frequencies/magnitudes. The idea is to group bins in 3 parts and sum… to command addressable led colors …

#include "arduinoFFT.h"
#define SAMPLES 128             //Must be a power of 2
#define SAMPLING_FREQUENCY 1000 //Hz, must be less than 10000 due to ADC
arduinoFFT FFT = arduinoFFT();
unsigned int sampling_period_us;
unsigned long microseconds;
double vReal[SAMPLES];
double vImag[SAMPLES];
  int one= 2; // led que muestra frecuencia más baja
  int two= 3;
  int  three = 4; 
  int four = 5; 
  int five= 6;
  int six = 7; // led que muestra frecuencia más alta
void setup() {
    sampling_period_us = round(500000*(1.0/SAMPLING_FREQUENCY));
     pinMode(one, OUTPUT);
        pinMode(two, OUTPUT);
        pinMode(three, OUTPUT);
        pinMode(four, OUTPUT);
        pinMode(five, OUTPUT);
        pinMode(six, OUTPUT); //el tono más alto 
void loop() {
    for(int i=0; i<SAMPLES; i++)
        microseconds = micros();    //Overflows after around 70 minutes!
        vReal[i] = analogRead(A0);
        vImag[i] = 0; 
         while(micros() < (microseconds + sampling_period_us)){
    FFT.Compute(vReal, vImag, SAMPLES, FFT_FORWARD);
    FFT.ComplexToMagnitude(vReal, vImag, SAMPLES);
   double peak = FFT.MajorPeak(vReal, SAMPLES, SAMPLING_FREQUENCY);
    Serial.println(peak);     //Print out what frequency is the most dominant.
    for(int i=0; i<(SAMPLES/2); i++)
        /*View all these three lines in serial terminal to see which frequencies has which amplitudes*/
        Serial.print((i * 1.0 * SAMPLING_FREQUENCY) / SAMPLES, 1);
        Serial.print(" ");
        Serial.println(vReal[i], 1);    //View only this line in serial plotter to visualize the bins

    delay(1000);  //Repeat the process every second OR:
  //  while(1);       //Run code once