How can I upload a .bin to arduino due?

HI. We use to work with a guy who made us the system but he's no longer available. The problem is that he left only a .bin file that we have to load to the arduino and also a .bin to load to the wifi module along with two .lua files. He told me it was easy to do but I can't figure how. Can you please help with some guidance to load those files to my board?

Thanks in advance

You need to run bossac to upload things to your boards.

bossac -e -w -v -b image.bin

Replace image.bin with the name of the bin file you want to send. You'll need to find bossac on your system but if you have the Arduino IDE installed then you have it somewhere. On my linux machine it is in ~/.arduino15/packages/arduino/tools/bossac/1.6.1-arduino

That will upload the main binary file. Now, for the other binary for wifi it sounds like you need to run lua or something. I can't talk more specifically about a wifi module I know nothing about.

Thanks Collin80. The method you mentioned worked. I was able to find bossac and upload the main bin to the arduino. Now I'm trying to find how to upload firmware.bin and the .lua files to the wifi module.