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The Best Reviewed Laser Tape Measure You Can Find

Simply put, the best laser tape measure must be the one that offers the most accurate measuring results and also the most durable. It can be confusing in the beginning to choose the ideal laser tape measure because what works best for you may not work best for other persons. In some cases, you may have to try out several brands and types of these tape measures before you can find out the most suitable option for your needs.

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#1. Bosch GLM 20 Compact Blaze 65’ Laser Distance Measure


1/8” accuracy at 65 feet.

It measures 4 x 1.4 x

0.9 inches in height, length, and width, respectively.

One button operation.

It measures in ft. inches and meters.

Very compact.

Real-time live measuring capability.

Backlit display.

Class 2A laser product with 1mw power output


With its one-button operation, this laser tape measure is very easy to use. With its compact built, this device fits perfectly in your pocket. The backlit display ensures that the LCD screen can be easily read, even in the darkest environment.


It is mostly suited for indoor measuring only.

**#2. Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Measure **


195 ft. maximum distance.

Accuracy of +or- 1/16 inches

It measures in ft. meters and inches.

2 bubble levels.

Backlit LCD.

Pythagorean mode available.

It measures distance, area, and volume.

1 carry bag included.

Battery included.

Several auto and manual settings available.

24-month warranty.


Its ability to measure in ft. inches and meters allow you to measure accurately in different units. The LCD screen offers greater visibility, especially in low-light conditions. With its numerous auto and manual settings, you can subtract, add, calibrate, delete data, and also shut down the laser measure when you are done. The carry pouch facilitates the carrying of the meter anywhere.


It has a limited outdoor application.

#3. Bosch Blaze GLM 50 C Bluetooth Enabled 165’ Laser Distance Measure


Colored backlit display.

1/8” accuracy at 165 feet.

Bluetooth functionality.

Inclinometer feature

Class 2A laser product with 1 MW power rating.

Compact design


The Bluetooth functionality of this device makes it a long distance laser measure you should consider because the Bluetooth technology will help you transfer your measurement anywhere. The inclinometer feature helps you measure angles, min, and max and double indirect measurements, accurately. The laser tape adjusts as you move farther away or closer from the target, to maintain the 1/8” accuracy. The compact design material will fit into any pocket.


165 ft. range is still not enough for some outdoor uses.

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**#4. DTAPE 328 Feet Digital Laser Tape Measure **


It measures in meters, inches, and feet.

328 feet maximum distance range

backlit LCD.

Pythagorean mode

It measures distance, area, and volume

Battery and hand strap included.

Auto shut-down feature.

IP54 waterproof and dustproof construction


It is calibrated in meters, inches, and feet hence you can switch from one to another depending on the requirements. The LCD backlit provides better visibility in dark areas while the mute setting helps you turn the measure beep on or off. The battery comes with a low battery indicator light to ensure you don’t run out of power suddenly. The auto-shutdown will automatically shut down the device after an inactivity period of 150 seconds to help you conserve power. The included wrist strap will hold the meter in place and also make transportation easier. It offers data storage in memory for up to 20 groups.


It is quite small and delicate; hence you need to protect it from constant fall.

#5. Leica DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth 4.0, Black/Red


Class 2A laser with 1mw power output.

1/16” accuracy at 330 feet.

Bluetooth 4.0 technology

It measures 4.5 x 1.73 x 1.02in height, length, and width respectively.

Operating temperature range of 14F to 122F degrees


This device comes with the newest version of Bluetooth, to transfer your readings on any software or device. This is a compact and easy to use a pocket device that stays with you everywhere you go. With the Pythagoras measurement, you can work out the width and height of your target and make other calculations. With IP54 water and dust protection, you can comfortably use this laser measure under wet and humid conditions. It comes with a smart automatic end piece that gets into hard-to-reach corners.


The app subscription may add up to your final price.

#6. Meterk Laser Tape Measure 2 in 1, Laser Measure 131.2Ft/40M


40 meters maximum range while measuring tape is 5meters range.

2-in-1 laser and measuring tape.

FUNCUNIT button.

Type C battery charging

LCD digital display.

Accuracy of + or- 2mm.

In-built 200 mAh Lithium-Ion battery

USB port included


For so many reasons, you can refer to this device as the best laser distance measurer. With its FUNCUIT button, you can switch measurements between meters, feet, and inches by pressing the button down for long. The LCD digital display can be used for dark environments and it also helps in measuring area and volume of your target. The multi-function mode allows you to measure volume, area, Pythagorean, and double Pythagorean. The accuracy of + or-2mm at 40 meters will help you achieve desired results. The in-built Lithium-Ion battery can be recharged within 2 hours for regular power supply. This device also comes with a USB charging port plus a cable for charging. A single recharge of the battery will make you use the device for more than a day for both indoor and outdoor measurements. From the content: Which is the best laser distance measurer ** **review, you can get more information on this laser measure and others in order to make the best possible choice.


Its limited outdoor range means it is not the best option for such but it clearly works perfectly for the indoor range.