How can i use a wifi-modem module in Ardunio Uno

Hi my friends.

i want to use my old wifi as a wifi module to use in my ardunio projects but i coulndt solve the system in my mind.

Can you help me about how can i plug this item to my ardunio uno.

in attachment there is a photo of wifi module


I'm not an expert but I would be almost certain that there is no chance in hell of using that module with an arduino. I am almost temped to ask what you have been smoking but since I am not a laptop computer tech I am not knowledgable enough to say for certain but something about the idea of using a 32-bit card designed for use with a driver loaded on a laptop with an Os with an 8-bit microcomputer that has no OS just strikes me as about as close to impossible as anything could be. We'll see.

Heh, heh, +1 for that astute synopsis. :sunglasses:

Heh, heh, +1 for that astute synopsis.

Well sometimes I get lucky and say something that is correct... ;D