How can i use Arduino Uno and NodeMCU together?

I want to control my arduino uno using internet. So i bought NodeMCU but i have just realized that NodeMCU is not being used with Arduino Uno (i mean it's not something like shields). NodeMCU has 9 digital pins and 1 analog pin as i saw. But i need more pins. So how can i use Arduino Uno and NodeMCU together?


You can set up a software serial port on the Uno and use serial to communicate between the two. You will have to set the baud rate of the NodeMCU to 38400 or slower to get reliable comms with software serial. I2C is also a good way.

Sorry but i can not understand. Could you tell me more clearly? By the way i can not speak English well.

I think it it easier to add more pins to the NodeMCU than it is to use the two mcus together.

Please explain why you need more pins. How many? What type of pins?

In some ways, using Uno and NodeMCU together is like pulling a perfect working pickup truck with a donkey. I do not mean to insult Uno by saying this. Sometimes a donkey is the best solution. But if you need the pickup truck, let the donkey rest until he is needed.

Actually i want to make a smart room. I want to control my electronic devices with my phone using internet. So i need as many pins as possible.

So you need 1000 pins?

You need to define your project requirements. (and stick to them)

When your pject needs change… so will your hardware needs.

its hard to plan for the possible future of ‘what if’ scenarios…

What you asking about is the most basic form of communication between the two (serial)… do a search on it.

Well, i have just thought that i will use 8 digital pins. So nodemcu is enough, i think. How can i use it? Could you give me some project links?