How can I use Ardunio Mega with Meanwell

Hi everyone,

I am trying to understand how to incorporate my 12 Meanwell ELN-60-48P with Ardunio Mega. I believe that there are 13 PWM ports on Ardunio Mega board which can be used and programmed in “C” to do all the dimming functions. Please would someone have a look at these LED drivers to see if they can be incorporated with the Ardunio? Could I use, lets say set of six LED drivers for white LEDs a set of six for blue only use only two Ardunio ports for dimming functions? Can this be possible?

Any help would be highly regarded.

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According to the DATASHEET, (Page 3, Left Side, 2nd Diagram) that logic low is 0V, logic high is 10V.

That means that the Arduino can be interfaced, but you will need some transistors and a second power supply. Because it's 10V, the Arduino can exist off the same powersupply, but you'll need one to make it work.

So, Yes this will work with the following: - 10V power supply. - PNP Transistors - Arduino

Each PWM pin can go to a single one of those LED drivers, so even the regular Arduino Duemilanove will give 6 independently controllable channels.