How can i use my Arduino Uno as a mac keyboard?

I have been looking for so long now to make an arduino uno keyboard for my mac but cant find one! If anyone can help please post a reply.

Well I don't need all keys just the keys that I use to play my minecraft game. The keys are the: escape key, the I key, the space key, the arrow keys, the l key, the right shift key, all the number keys, and that's all. Please reply.

Thanks but for me that is confusing so can you explain that for me?

My Mac uses USB and I am trying to make a key board designed for minecraft so I can make a minecraft controller for my Mac. I just want the simplest way to do this because I am not an expert on arduinos.

But I have a USB to ps/2 adapter.

One way you can do it is by reprogramming the atmega8u2 on your uno to be an HID keyboard USB device. This means that the UNO will appear to be a standard keyboard and you can send whatever keys you want to the host.

You can find details on my blog: Arduino Hacking.

You don't need to install the AVR tools, you just need the dfu-programmer tool and Arduino-keyboard-0.3.hex. Grab the kbd_usb_demo.pde sketch for an example of how to send key presses.

thanks but can you give more info on how to do this. thanks.

How to reprogram the atmega chip.

Sure. This link describes how to use dfu-programmer to load a hex file (in this case Arduino-usbserial.hex) onto the atmega8u2: Arduino UNO Keyboard HID part 2.

This link describes how to download and install dfu-programmer (amongst other things): Arduino UNO Keyboard HID Part 1. Just look at the section titled "Build and install dfu-programmer".

You will need to install macports first from here: THe MacPorts Project.

Cool I'll try it out when I get a chance to. Thanks.