How can I use two SDA/SCL

Good day,

I am working with an Adafruit Feather MO Lora.

I connected a Barometer sensor
and I connect the SDA and SCL pin to my SDO and SCL pin of my Feather board.

It's work fine

Now I would like to additionnaly add a Luminosity sensor and SDA/SCL have to be connected to SDA/SCL.

As my Adafruit board already use those two pin

  • How can use A5 and A6 instead of SDA/SCL? Is possible?
  • Can I have two sensor connected the SDA/SCL pins of my board? (I dont think so)

If I can use A5 and A6 (or something else) could you let me now how to?
(I will add a third sensor, as well)

Thank a lot

I2C is a bus; as long as the devices have different addresses you shouldn’t have a problem

If you’ll read up on I2C you’ll find that up to 127 different things can all share SDA and SCL at the same time.

Thank a lot!!
Yes, I just found the answer

I2C allows you to have multiple devices connected to the same two lines (collectively called a bus). The pullup resistors allow the bus to function, but you should only have one set of pullup resistors per bus.

If you have just one I2C device (such as the BMP180 breakout board) connected to your microcontroller, the board is already set up properly. You don’t need to change anything.

However, if you wish to connect more than one device to the bus, you should ensure that there is only one set of pullup resistors enabled on the bus. You do this by disabling every set of pullup resistors except one. (It doesn’t matter where the enabled resistors live; they can be anywhere on the bus.)

To disable the I2C pullup resistors, remove all of the solder from the jumper labeled “SJ1”. This jumper has three pads; be sure to separate all of the pads from each other. Remember that you’ll need to ensure that another set of pullup resistors are enabled somewhere on the I2C bus.