How can interact a count arduino ethernet shields?

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how can interact 2 ethernet shields for instance?

I plan a small house automation system. Some decentralized ethernet shields collect information about temperature or a open or closed window and so on.

One central shield collect the collected informations of the distributed shields and I would like dilay this data via a http-home server.

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I think udp is the best for that.
You can add the udp class to the existing sketch, it will work together.
Do you use NTP with the ethernet shield ? That uses the udp class, you can use that same class for other uses.

how can interact 2 ethernet shields for instance?

You could run combined client/server code on the arduinos so they could communicate.

Hi zoomkat,

I would combine a few of clients with one Server.

The clients collect the environment parameters and the server collects the information from the clients.