how can my arduino webbrowser push data/events to a desktop client

I have ajax webserver on arduino board (Mega 2560) that constantly gets updated (~100 refreshes per minute).
I am reading this refreshed data from an external Java program sitting on desktop.
Java code periodically polls/pings arduino browser for updates. Clearly this is inefficient. Is there any Arduino library that I can use to push the changes to java client .
In desktop world, this problem is solved by websockets and comet as discussed here

You seem to have a mixup with different terms. If your Arduino gets updated 100 times per minute, polling is probably the best way to handle that in a client. If you meant that you poll 100 times a minute, websockets are a good solution for a JavaScript program, I don't see the need with a Java application.

There are several Arduino websocket libraries, being one of them. I never used it before but you can give it a try and tell us if it works for you.

good to hear webclient implementations for Arduino thanks