How can one use ttf fonts with Arduino?

Hi, I am working on .ttf fonts and I thought that Arduino with Nokia display would be a nice tool to test my fonts. I understand that .ttf file might be a bit too large for Arduino. I have SD card module as well though. Is Arduino's flash memory big enough to display .ttf font? I have seen some examples on the internet but nothing much to read.

Thanks for all of your tips, Jan.

You risk running out of memory with a full blown Unicode ttf font - but before you’ll run out of time specifying the full Unicode glyph set.

Display of a ttf character is a matter of code. I’d think that the program memory is sufficient for that code. All you have to add is getting the font data for the next character to display.

jansindl3r: nothing much to read.

Probably because it is not such a great idea. There are times when you get to see what a resources hog they can be. This was painfully apparent when the Macintosh came out and, whenever I get a drawing with TTFs, the first thing to do is get rid of them. I imagine these problems would go double with an Arduino, even many years later.

English speakers can reduce a font to only ASCII characters, what eliminates memory problems. The remaining problem are horribly developed glyphs, which use a multiple of the really required supporting points.