How can two sensors on Harware Serial


Is there a limitation to use Hardware Serial.

My microcontroller is an Adafruit Father MO Adalogger

which is the same as Aduino Zero.

On pin Rx and Tx of the microcotroller, I connect a GPS. I use the TnyGPS library and it work fine!

I use Serial1.available() and to get the GPS sentence.

Now, I need to connect a TTL Serial Camera Overview | TTL Serial Camera | Adafruit Learning System to the RX and TX pin of my microcotroller.

As two devise is going to be connected to the same port, I wonder it it will work.

The first problem I see, the GPS is constentely senting GPS sentense, and ... if the camera is making a move, it will constantely sending data to the Hardware Serial port.

I need to take video/image on request. Same for GPS, I need to get the position each hour.

Would it work, if I connect the GPS and the camera to the Hardware Serial if I power the GPS sensor with GPIO pin (pin 12 ) and the camera with pin 11 (5V)?

I could change my code and keeping both devise off (pin 12 and 11 LOW) and when I need the get a position I turned pin 12 to HEIGH if 11 is LOW. And when I need to take a picture or movie, I turn the pin 11 HEIGH, IF pin 12 is HEIGH, it will put 12 LOW to give priority to the camera.

Would it work?
Or how could I do it?

Many thank for your suggestion

You can configure more HardwareSerial ports on an M0:

mmmh, it's look very interresting. Thank