How can we detect the blinking LED in the control panel

We have to get the pulse from the washing machine control panel and have to change the selected option.

For example;

if the machine selects the default value as cloth type as jean and water level as small.
we have to get the status which are selected.

Control panel indicates the selected option using blinking led s.



Can you make physical connections to the machine?

How many statuses do you need?

You can see if a light is on or off, with the appropriate sensor. Detecting a blinking light is more challenging. Hey, the light is on. No, wait, it's off. No, wait, it's on.

Can you post a photo? Can you measure the leds' requirements with a multimeter? Does each status have it's own led?

I attached a photo of control panel. Is their a way to detect status if LED is not blinking when it is ON?


That is a remarkable washing machine. There is no temperature adjustment or control of the spin speed so I guess this is an academic exercise. And what is "fuzzy" material ?

Anyway, assuming you are not able to make direct electrical connections to the machine, you'll have to use detectors as already mentioned to see what the current state is (maybe photo transistors or photoelectric cell etc.) and a set of solenoids to press the buttons to change the program.

To determine if it a led is blinking, the program has to identify a significant change in the light level and set a timer. If the next significant change in the light level is within a certain time period, then the program concludes the light is in a blinking state. You'll have to experiment to exclude the effects of ambient light.

Pro tip: It's rude not to answer questions of people who try to help you ;)

Here's OP's photo...


And what is "fuzzy" material ?

It might refer to fuzzy logic. I read some 20y ago that washing machines used fuzzy logic and light sensors to deduce the cleanliness of the clothes by the dirt in the water, thus shutting off when it thought the washing was clean.

It should be feasible to test the leds with say an ldr, using a timer as mentioned to tell if it's blinking, if the ldr can be face to face with the led inside a bit of light tight tube or something.

But then?- how will you change the settings? Have servos press the buttons?

Thank You all for your great support. We can't make the physical connection to the machine. We want to get the status of water level, process level and the status of program switch.

I'll try to get status using sensor. All of you told me about sensors and now I try to detect LED status using sensor.

Again thank you very much for all of you for great support.

And if you want to wash a pair of socks which, if washed at more than 40 degrees centigrade, emerge with ruined elastic, which program do you choose on this thing ? I think the modern house wife is not satisfied unless the washing machine control panel looks like something from the flight deck of a Boeing 747.

This is full automatic washing machine, so when I put the clothes in to the wash bucket and starts the machine then it automatically selects the cloth type. In this case it may selects wool as cloth type.

That is the problem I have.

I want to get that status from control panel.
Now I looking for Sensor which can use with LDR.

Sorry for my ENGLISh, because it is not my first language.

Thank you very much.