How can you read out the code already on an atmega

Can Anyone help me please
On how can i read out the code already on an atmega8?
how to see the codes so i can upload the codes on a new atmega8
i only have a arduino duemilanove and HV Rescue Shield 2
but i'm new and i don't know what to do

Thanks!! Wink

What product are you trying to copy?

it is a lightning detector

I reckon he's asking how he can get the sketch out of an already programmed arduino.

Short answer is you can't, or at least in a form you'll recognise. Anyone care to give the long answer ?

it is not part of an arduino

Keeping us guessing here. Can you tell us exactly what you have, ideally with a schematic or a link to a website or something ? Some form of lightning detector that uses an Atmega8 ? Unless you have the source code to what its programmed with, all the code you'll get out is machine code. And that may not be possible, depending on the fuse settings, so we're back to what exactly have you got ?