How can you turn 4v dc into 12v dc

I just learned that Arduino Uno R3 microcontrollers DC output ~5 volts, I tested mine and saw it was 4v. I need to get up to 12v, I know that there are step-up and step-down circuits that can do this but I can only find ones that go from 12v dc down to 4v dc. Does anyone know a way to get 4v dc up to 12v dc?

Why do you need 12V?

The Arduino is not a power supply and can only provide enough current to light a few LEDs.

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To clarify... this is a logic level. It is not a 5v power source.

What exactly are you trying to do?

Are you referring to an I/O pin set to OUTPUT, or the "5V" pin.

Neither should be used to "power" anything. Why do you "need" 12V?


Between what two points?

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The Arduino is a microcontroller meaning it controls things. It cannot power most things
but it can control power to things often by using a relay or mosfet or some other such device.

Since you did not mention what you wish to power so it is impossible say exactly how you should do this, but one method often used would be to have a separate 12v power supply and a relay controlled by the Arduino.

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If you need 12V logic for eg. automotive usage, any decent logic level shifter will allow you to do that.

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Or maybe google using a transistor as a switch

Perhaps its time to tell us what you are going to do with the 12V?
Do you have a 12V supply the arduino could switch on & off?

Already asked a couple of times.

No answer in two days. We may have to wait until at least next weekend. :grin:

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