how connect arduino to sparkfun 3 Axis Freescale M

the sensor need 3.3V and current of 0.5mA.
My intention is to use the 3v3 pin of arduino and to change the current with a resistor in parallel conncetion. do you think than is the right way? thanks

(I hope the image works)

You have an 85 ohm resistor between +3.3V and ground. Why?

in order to send just 0.5 mA to the sensor

in order to send just 0.5 mA to the sensor

But the resistor is not between +V and the sensor. All you are doing with the resistor is sending 0.5mA straight to ground. In general, short circuits like that, even with a current limiting resistor, are not a good thing.

Did you see the link on Sparkfun's site to Tom Igoe's article:

It shows how to connect the breakout board, with no 85 Ohm resistor in sight.

on the side with 85 Ohm, according to the Ohm low there is a current of 39.5mA, in igoe tutorial there is no mention of current, I don't Know how the mic 29150 works (maybe it change voltage and current??) thanks to much for your replay

I'm just worry to damage the sensor with a current much bigger than 0.5mA (max curretn value for accelerometer) do you think than this configuration works? thanks

The Arduino does not push current to the sensor. The sensor pulls current from the Arduino. If the sensor data sheet says it draw a maximum of 0.5 mA, that's all it draws. The Arduino can not push 5 amps to it.

The new diagram looks like the one on Tom's page. Just be sure you understand what you are selecting by connecting GS1 and GS2 that way.

Hi guys, your answare are great...Thanks tooo much GS1 and GS2 on ground to set 1.5g sensitivity SLP on 3.3V to make the sensor in NO SLEEP state

do you think then are necessary zener diode on GS1 and GS2

This is last version drafted with your important help

Tomorrow I will have the sensor and I will try. Thanks guys