how connect lcd and keypad with PCA9555N

hi i have the PCA9555N and i would to connect a LCD and a KEYPAD
on my ARDUINO. I have just begun to i deal with ARDUINO .

i have the PCA9555N

A link is much better than a string of letters.

Is it possible to i connecting a LCD and a KEYPAD with i2c by PCA9555N chip
on my Arduino?

The PCA9555N appears to be a 16-bit I/O extender so the answer is yes if your keypad is 4x4 or smaller and you are talking about a typical Character mode LCD. You would use the 8-bits of one of the I/O ports for the keypad and 6 of the 8-bits of the other I/O port for the LCD display.


Thank you i found a library lcd I2C is it only for PCF8574 ?It is 8 bits can i find library for PCA9555 or i make one?