how connect mpu-6050 3 axis gyroscope

Hi, I bought mpu-6050 sensor recently. page:

How can I connect it into arduino mega boards?

5V -> Vcc (The board makes it's own 3.3V) SDA -> SDA SCL -> SCL GND -> GND Pin 2 -> INT (for the Mega: SDA is pin 20 or the new SDA pin, SCL is pin 21 or the new SCL pin) (for reference, int.0 is pin 2)

I have a problem: I have two pin 0: Analog in 0 and RX0. What's the correct pin? :blush: Thanks!

For the interrupt (INT) signal ?

Connect the INT to digital pin 2 (two, not zero). In the sketch, the software of Jeff Rowberg uses interrupt 0. That 'interrupt 0' is only in the sketch, it is the hardware pin digital pin 2.

Jeff Rowberg,

I gave a link to the older Mega. The new Arduino Mega 2560 R3 has SDA and SCL pins near AREF, the older Mega 2560 doesn't have those pins.

My digital pin 2 isn't avaiable because i have TFT LCD Mega Shield v1.0 on that pin

Use one of the other interrupts. See the list here, But you have to change the code of Jeff Rowberg for the new interrupt.