How convert 32-bit int IR NEC to ADDR, CMD

How to convert NEC 32-bit unsigned int IR code to ADDR, CMD e.g.
807F10EF to ADDR=01, CMD=08 ???

No, this is not converter - this is decoder. I don't want to use ATtiny, only Arduino.
This is NEC decoder ADDR, CMD:
This is NEC decoder 32-bit int:

These sketches recognize codes from the remote but how to convert 32-bit to ADDR, CMD without receiver and IR transmitter?

In the opposite direction (ADDR, CMD to 32-bit) I do this:

  • in IrScrutinizer in the Options -> Output Text Format menu select Pronto Hex ("CCF")
  • on the Generate tab, select Protocol: nec1, enter the D (ADDR) and F (CMD) values
  • click Generate and "To Scrutinize signal" and then go to the Scrutinize signal tab
  • click Scrutinize, delete the last 4 values of word xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx at the end and click Scrutinize again
  • we change the fourth value 0002 to 0000 and again to Scrutinize
  • we export the code to an ICT file, open it in IR Scope 2.01 and read the value A=$xxxxxxxx

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