How convert CCButton in a Toggle Switch?

Hi everyone, in first place thanks to Pieterp for his help and work:

I use the Control_Surface library (great work), and i tried many times modify the code but i cant resolve it, the question its simple; How convert CCButton in Toggle Switch?

i use a Push Button in pin 11.


Modify what code?

Solutioned, the problem: To modify code without update the library (i iused 2019 version).


You can use Control Surface: CCButtonLatched Class Reference.

Thanks Pieter, CCButtonLatched Class worked i when updated library.

Another question, How a rotary encoder cans incrementing 1 value at time? (1,2,3 ... 127) and not 0-127?
Rotary encoder with the library works fine with reaper´s mapping, but externals vst not, the values ​​(knobs) goes bottom at top.


If these VSTs don't support relative messages, you'll have to use the CCAbsoluteEncoder class.

You can find a full overview of MIDI output elements on Control Surface: MIDI Output Elements.

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