how D1 and reset wake ESP8266 up

Hello everybody!
ass we know when we need to wake up our esp8266 we have to connect reset with D1.....could someone please tell me what actually happening there?what is the power state of both the connections and what happens after connectin em up

Seems you have a NodeMCU (previous posts).
The wake pin is AFAIK not D1, but D0 (GPIO16).
I assume you mean wake from deepsleep.

Both D0 and reset pins are HIGH during deepsleep, and D0 can pull the reset pin LOW at the end of deepsleep.
Not wise to join the pins directly, because then D0 can be shorted to ground when the reset button is pushed.
Can use a resistor to link the pins. 470ohm-1k works.
I use a schottky diode (1N5819) between the pins (band/ring/cathode towards D0).

ESP.deepSleep(1e9); // sleeps the esp for 1000 seconds

A WeMos D1 mini uses about 6.8mA in that state. Don't know what a NodeMCU draws.
The board starts up as if the power was disconnected.

Thanks Wawa for your reply
i forgot to say that i ma moron…it is D0 indeed…

could you please tell me how does D0 get shorted if reset button is pressed?
thanks again

I just noticed that a NodeMCU already has a 470ohm resistor between D0 and RST.
No extra parts or links needed.

The diode (or resistor) I mentioned must only be added to a WeMos D1 mini.