How did you read 3.7v LiPo discharge?

I search many thread about how to monitor 3.7v lipo while powering the board i use (nano).

But i think non of it successfull, i even try using Battery.h library but dont know if i do it wrong or just it wont work (try the examples)

Can anyone guide me how to make a battery (voltage?) reading while powering the board?

I want to display the discharge of the battery powering arduino nano on ssd1306 oled.

I found this library, which is like what i want to do now, schematic from the site

My project use arduino nano with ssd1306 oled and some sensors.

Really how to use this library actually?

Feeling so dumb

The correct 5v step up buck converter will give your arduino constant power even when battery level drops, thus making reference voltage constant, if you take measurements from the battery terminal then it should work fine, even with your old code

Yes, that is what i want to do. Power the board by 5v constant converter while reading the voltage directly from battery terminal.

For now my lipo 3.7v is connected to TP4056 charger, and came out from it then connect to board, does is diatrupt anything? My voltmeter reads both in and out from TP4056 is the same voltage, so i assume no problem attach it right?

By saying my old code will work, and by looking at the can read voltagr from A0 pin right?

post detailed diagram of what you want to do, sounds like you are making things more complicated

Like this,

You sure you want to use this charger with LiPo battery?

Before using it i search for info, yes its originally for 18650 battery, googling found it can be use to charge LiPo too, i try and it works to charge it.

If not so, i just make a split wiring from battery terminal goes direct to what im doing, ignoring the charging module

I’m in no way trying to discourage you from completing your project, but here is an idea. MKR boards are 3.3 volt boards, have a LiPo battery connector and charge circuit and checking the battery level is as easy as analogRead(ADC_BATTERY) MKR Zero Read Battery Voltage - Arduino Project Hub

Thanks for the link, and the code there only for MKR board right? But MKR link is dead

Use Google?

Just did it :slight_smile: not going to buy it, too expensive in my country LoL

How's the Fire Department in your country? :expressionless:


Hahaha it is expensive here LoL, i buy many nano board below USD4/pcs but MKR zero is cost above USD40. Thats 10x the price :slight_smile:

Okay did some reading, i use lipo with a voltage protection. Therefor its safe to change it with a 5V module :slight_smile:

The problem with LiPo is not charging it's discharging

I use this module, but its not discharging

I think you should read on safe charging discharging cycle of LiPo batteries since you are going to use them, and maybe about other types of batteries. Why you need specific voltage, what happens to the charge current, what happens when battery goes below its lowest limit, etc, etc. This knowledge will serve you in the future

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