How do find commands used for burn bootloader

Does anyone know what the default commands are used for burn bootloader w/ Arduino as ISP.

Or does anyone know how to make that info display in the console?

I think you are getting things mixed up here. You can use an arduino to program another processor like in the boot cloner project:- Or you can use the arduino environment to control an external programmer from the tools menu.

Hey Grumpy Mike, controlling an external programmer is what I'm talking about. I'm just making an external programmer from another Arduino. I guess i didn't make that clear in the original post.

I figured it out. Here's what I did.

When the you setup an Arduino as ISP as is shown here:

The first Arduino board has to have the example firmware from within the 0018 IDE:


After the boards are wired correctly and the first board is loaded with the correct firmware you have made yourself a ISP.

To burn the bootloader you have to go to:


I was looking for the commands that are sent to the Arduino ISP programmer when you press that button in the tools menu.

This is the command that I was looing for: avrdude -p m328p -P com9 -c avrisp -b 19200 -U flash:w:C:\arduino-0018\hardware\arduino\bootloaders\atmega\ATmegaBOOT_168_atmega328.hex:a